Ramseier Koatings Awarded Top 10 Aluminum Equipment Enterprises at Windoor Facade Expo

Guangzhou, China – Ramseier Koatings was delighted to honor the invite to the Windoor Facade Expo. This was the 29th instalment of the globally-recognized expo. The event attracted over 7000 exhibitors and renowned brands. More than 100,000 visitors attended the expo in various capacities.

Ramseier Koatings is a leading brand in the world of powder coating tools and equipment. The brand’s superiority and dominance were evident throughout the Windoor Facade Expo. Ramseier Koatings was recognized with the award for Top 10 Aluminum Equipment Enterprises.

This award adds to a vast array of accolades and recognitions granted to the company. The company has its headquarters based in the ever-busy Hong Kong area. Additionally, Ramseier Koatings is widely recognized in the region as a top producer and supplier of powder coating tools.

Remarking on the recognition and overall Expo, here is what one executive from Ramseier Koatings had to share; “It is an honor to be recognized as a leading brand in the industry. This affirms the company’s drive to deliver quality products and services to its consumers.”

Additionally, the representative from Ramseier Koatings shared the joy and life of being awarded the top aluminum equipment enterprises recognition. “Ramseier Koatings has always adhered to and spearheaded the industry. These accolades are a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and reliable powder coating tools.”

About Ramseier Koatings

Ramseier Koatings has a longstanding history of producing reliable powder-coating products. The company has actively been in operation for more than 30 years. Over time, the company has grown operations to include both local and external clients.

Ramseier Koatings has provided powder coating machines to numerous clients within China. Additionally, some of the regions where the brand’s products have been shipped or transported include Germany, France, Australia, Switzerland, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and many other destinations.

Some of the leading products manufactured at Ramseier Koatings include;

  • KMB Fast Color Change Powder Coating System – This is one of the most advanced powder coating systems currently available in the market currently. It is a state-of-the-art system that’s also aesthetic and elegant and contains modern performance rates.
  • S600 electrostatic coating gun – This revolutionary power coating tool solved a fundamental problem for the powder coating industry. Unlike many of its counterparts, this tool has multiple charging modes and is very reliable and durable. The Smart 600 coating gun far outmatches other products in a similar category.
  • MOC-5 Micro Powder Center – This is arguably one of the most treasured powder coating equipment produced by Ramseier Koatings. It has remained a favorite by most powder coating experts. It’s simple to use, has a quick color change mechanism, and automatically reduces waste in a coating project.
  • Reciprocators – This equipment was made with the idea of meeting immediate industry needs. These include the powder coating and output, line speed, and workpiece shaping. This is yet another popular product from the brand and is used by powder-coating professionals everywhere.

Ramseier Koatings is a widely reputed leader in the industry. The reputation spreads all over Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world. Prospective customers can purchase products or contact the Ramseier Koatings group.

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By Arlene Huff

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