New York Child Custody Lawyer, Martin Mohr, Releases Important Article on “Ten Commandments For Parents In Custody Cases”

New York child custody lawyer, Martin Mohr ( of the New York Family Law Group, has recently published an informative article entitled ‘Ten Commandments For Parents In Custody Cases.’ This piece provides crucial guidance and understanding for parents going through the intricate process of child custody cases.

In the article, the experienced New York child custody lawyer highlights key points that parents should follow to minimize the emotional toll of custody battles on children. Mohr emphasizes the importance of putting the child’s needs at the forefront of all decision-making processes and discourages actions that may cause additional distress to the child, such as disrespecting the other parent or attempting to manipulate legal proceedings.

Martin Mohr, the dedicated New York child custody lawyer, said, “The intricacies of custody battles can indeed be complex and emotionally challenging. Therefore, it’s imperative for parents to be aware of these ‘Ten Commandments’ to ensure they are acting in the best interests of their children.”

The article also delves into what judges typically look for in child custody cases in New York, stressing that the primary factor is always the child’s best interests. Mohr highlights the various aspects judges consider, ranging from each parent’s mental and physical health to their capability to support the child’s growth.

Moreover, Mohr’s article underscores the benefits of additional resources such as family counseling to help children manage the emotional strain of custody cases. He advocates for productive communication between ex-partners for the sake of their children, emphasizing the lifelong role both parents play in their children’s lives.

On this note, Martin Mohr shared, “If parents can establish civil and productive communication, everyone will be happier in the end. Remember, your ex will always be a part of your and your child’s life. Learning how to effectively communicate, with the help of a family counselor or mediator if necessary, is beneficial for all parties involved.”

Emphasizing the role of a New York child custody lawyer in navigating such cases, the article makes a compelling case for professional legal assistance to protect parental rights and to ensure a child’s welfare. Seeking the guidance of a lawyer such as those at the New York Family Law Group can ensure that the case is handled with the utmost care and experience.

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