New In Home Injection Therapy Service Opens in the South East of England

London and Buckinghamshire based physiotherapist Areej Elmaazi (PhD) has decided to go it alone and open an Injection Therapy Clinic with the aim of providing people with affordable, quick and easy access to steroid injections. Her company is called “Injection Therapy” and she is excited to have started treating private patients in the West London and Buckinghamshire  areas.

Areej states, “I am aware of the high demand from patients for steroid injections to help reduce joint and nerve pain. However getting an injection through the GP can be a long and arduous process – taking several weeks and sometimes months. Through the Injection Clinic, I can now provide these injections within a day or two from the initial enquiry. Of course to ensure the injection is delivered safely, there would be an assessment and review of the patient’s history before we proceeded.

Areej is an advanced physiotherapist with over 16 years experience providing musculoskeletal injections. She is a senior clinician with both private and NHS experience. Asked about her future aims for the business she continues, “my hope for the future is to be able to reach more people who would benefit from a steroid injection, in order to alleviate pain so people can get back to doing the things they enjoy. Of course, I am not claiming that steroids can resolve all pain, as that would be disingenuous. However, it can eliminate musculoskeletal pain in many cases. From that point it is up to each person to treat their body’s well to help stop the pain from recurring”. 

For patients who are unable to receive steroid injections or would prefer not to, there are alternatives at Injection Therapy. Areej explains, “As well as steroid, the Injection Therapy Clinic also provides plasma rich protein and hyaluronic acid injections. For those who want to avoid steroids, a discussion can be had as to whether plasma rich protein or hyaluronic acid would be a suitable alternative.”

As more and more people struggle to get an appointment at their local hospitals and GP surgeries, there will be more and more demand for private services like those offered by Injection Therapy -being more accessible and with the option of receiving treatment in your own home.

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By Arlene Huff

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