Firearms are useful for various purposes, including home defense, hunting and recreation, and competition shooting. With this in mind, Evolution X Defense focuses on providing customized firearms for personalized needs.

Evolution X Defense deals with locally made firearms. This is part of the company’s quality assurance process to ensure that clients get value for their money. Moreover, professionals highly examine the company’s guns. Their 20 years of experience, added to their knowledge about firearms, makes them reliable in offering clients a comprehensive consultation service during and after their purchase. Clients can easily browse and shop for firearms through the company’s user-friendly website. The site also provides a platform where buyers have the opportunity to learn more about Evolution X Defense.

Firearms available in the catalog include pistols, such as the robust Punisher™ that features a hydraulic buffer system, side charging upper receiver, and 100% Ambidextrous lower receiver. This system is the easiest bolt catch and release in the industry, as well as magazine release and Radian Selector. The pistol runs suppressed and unsuppressed gas, thanks to its 30-position bleed-off-gas system. Similarly, the X-Defender Pistol™ has the same features, excluding the side charging upper receiver. X-Warhammer Pistol™, on the other hand, shares the same features but operates on a gas piston system.

They also offer the X-Carbine, a 9mm blowback pistol with a custom muzzle brake and blast deflector, a custom hydraulic buffer system, and CZ Scorpion Magazine. These pistols are available in various colors, including Anodized Black, Battle Worn Red, Flat Dark Earth Battle Worn, OD Green, OD Battle Worn, OD Green Battle Worn, Urban Battle Worn, and Urban Grey.

Evolution X Defense also sells rifles, such as the X-Defender Side Charger™, X-Pathfinder™, X-Saber, X-Saber Lite™, and X-Carbine 9MM. The company also offers XReceivers™, including the Evolution X Defense Side Charging Upper Stripped, which is lead-free and lightweight with high energy and low recoil. The system also contains a flute that creates hydraulic energy by forcing fluid inwards and ejecting it. A limited warranty backs the pistols and rifles, applicable to the buyer. The dealer also offers three months interest-free financing options to potential buyers.

Firearm users can shop for accessories, such as handgun and rifle silencers, ammunition, magazines, cleaning kits, XWraps™ and XBarrels™, as well as XRails™, available in sizes 7.5″, 10.5″ and 15″. Evolution X Defense’s website also features men’s and women’s clothing for concealment and tactical purposes. They also offer holsters, backs and packs, and belts.

Visit their website to make purchases, or contact them at 17203651708 for further inquiries about their products. Evolution X Defense is located at 6231 McLeod Dr STE A, Las Vegas, NV, 89120, US.

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